We did it! All Dogs Rescued From Michigan Breeder’s Kennel

BREAKAGE: After four days of appeals and protests from PETA and our 24-hour supporters, aid agencies rescued every dog ​​from JRT John’s Jack Russell Terriers, the John D. Jones farm in Michigan, where an undercover investigator from PETA revealed that Jones mutilated the puppies he raised without pain relief and housed in boxes with urine soaked straw. Now, after a persistent PETA campaign, these dogs are finally going to get the safety and warmth they so desperately need.

The monumental victory comes after PETA supporters occupied the Missaukee County, Michigan home, sheriff’s office for four days, appealing the sheriff’s inability to take action. A protester was arrested Wednesday after refusing to leave the home. And on Thursday, another was also arrested for refusing to leave, despite being told the building remained open to the public 24 hours a day. The arrests came after Jones met Missaukee County Sheriff Wil Yancer at the office for a few minutes, but left all smiles and mocked the protesters.

On December 3, 2021, we first provided the sheriff’s office with our findings, including video footage and photos. We also offered to help move the dogs, like others, but the sheriff stalled. Our findings included the following:

  • Jones cut the puppies ‘tails with pliers and cut their dewclaws (which contain bones, like humans’ thumbs) with a nail clipper, without an anesthetic or pain reliever, as the animals screamed in pain.

  • Suckling dogs and their puppies were confined to wooden crates with urine-soaked straw inside a smelly, cluttered carport.
  • The dogs were confined to small cages outside in the snow and mud. They were only given a few handfuls of straw per dilapidated doghouse, leaving them to shake in the rain and snow, and as the wind chill dropped to 0 degrees, their drinking water froze daily. The animals drank immediately, sometimes for more than 60 seconds, when the PETA investigator gave them water.

  • Deprived of stimulation and exercise, the frantic dogs circled around and otherwise showed signs of extreme psychological distress.
  • The PETA investigator found a dead dog in a kennel with leaves and straw in its mouth. Jones hadn’t checked the dogs all day and didn’t know the dog was dead. In the nearly three months that the PETA investigator worked at the kennel, he never saw Jones touch the dogs housed outside except to pick up the dead dog.

Despite these horrific revelations, the sheriff’s office delayed action for more than a month, leaving the dogs to freeze outside and undergo tortured amputations. But we persisted and it paid off.

Supporters love you helped make this victory possible, and together we can continue to eradicate the cruel dog breeding industry. Your role is simple: Never buy an animal– always adopt instead. Please share this important plea with your family, friends and other followers.

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