Tulsa animal shelter needs new air conditioning as heat increases

With the heatwave, dogs in an animal shelter are stuffy and need help keeping cool.

The Oklahoma Pet Collective Society has said that with the heat, they will not be able to safely house rescue dogs if they are unable to obtain adequate cooling.

“With the temperatures rising, we would like to have an air conditioner here yesterday,” Gable said.

For volunteer Colleen Gable of the Oklahoma Pet Collective Society near Admiral and 129th East Avenue, it’s too hot inside.

“We have outdoor dog pools and running fans. We’ve placed them specifically where they all blow our dogs, ”Gable said.

But according to Gable, their portable AC units and ventilators are not enough to keep their kennels cool for their rescue dogs. She said they were trying to raise enough money to install a suspended ceiling with industrial air conditioning. It would cost the nonprofit around $ 20,000, but Gable said they didn’t have the money.

“We had 14 cases of Parvo and unfortunately we lost dogs because of it; we had five major surgeries that we had to pay for, and it just drained us financially,” Gable said.

Shelly Boothe spends several days of the week volunteering here. She said the heat can be tough, even for her.

“I come home, soaked in sweat, ready to lie down, it’s too hot,” Boothe said.

If you want to help the association collect enough money to buy, CLICK HERE to volunteer CLICK HERE

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