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The story of a mother elephant returning to the rescue center, where she remained as a child, to show that her new baby has won people’s hearts. The healthy story, posted on Instagram, is such that it will fill your heart with a warm feeling.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust posted the video to Instagram with a descriptive caption. They also shared an image that shows the mother elephant with her two babies.

The legend explains how the mother elephant named Icholta stayed in the rescue center when she was a child and now she has returned to her “house” to present her new baby to the caretakers.

“It’s a very special family portrait. If you can believe it, we saved Icholta (left) in the last century – the last millennium, by the way! A lot has happened to her over the past 23 years: Icholta was rescued from a waterhole when she was only a few weeks old, then spent her childhood in our nursery and eventually learned to live as a wild elephant in our Voi reintegration unit. She became mother of Inca in 2016, and barely one day in 2022, she came “home” to present her latest addition, baby Izzy! In this video, you can see pride beaming down Icholta’s face as she watches her son and daughter – and we are equally proud to see this family blossom, ”they wrote.

In the following lines, they added: “Izzy, for one, quickly gets used to Tsavo’s routine. In the second slide, see how she indulges in a midday mud bath, as her protective brother and proud mother stand by her side! “

Take a look at the post:

The post was shared a day ago. Since its publication, the share has gathered more than 22,000 likes and the numbers are only increasing. The sharing also prompted people to post varied comments. Several people have posted heart emoticons to show their reactions.

“What a beautiful photo,” wrote one Instagram user. “A great story,” posted another. “Icholta is such a good and loving mother, she is really a great beauty! So happy to see the old orphans return to showcase their new additions!

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