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Now is the time to give, and Fresno Humane Animal Services hopes residents will help animals in need of shelter, food and warmth.

For the month of November, the Murder Free Shelter is offering a deal on adoption fees and hosting a foster family event during the holidays.

The shelter is also seeking help with holiday meals for pets and blankets and warm towels for the city of Fresno and county shelters.

Sally Breyer, Senior Director of Operations for the City of Fresno Animal Center. says that since the opening of the municipal facility, they have struggled to let everyone know who they are and what they do.

“So we really hope to spread the word about this brand new wonderful facility for the city of Fresno and really invite people to come and pick up your lost pet, and if you don’t miss a pet and you would like add to your family, we have a lot of really amazing pets here that are looking for a forever home,” Breyer said.

The city shelter is located at 5277 E. Airways Blvd, near Fresno Yosemite International Airport. The county shelter is located at 1510 W. Dan Ronquillo Drive, west of Highway 99 and off Highway 180 in Fresno.

Help foster a pet for Thanksgiving weekend

Operation Wishbone Drive Thru will take place at the City Shelter on Tuesday, November 22 and Wednesday, November 23. The event asks residents to “sponsor” a pet for Thanksgiving weekend.

“We really hope people will come to the shelter to take in a dog or cat for just a few days so they can experience the vacation in a nice, warm home and get them out of the shelter for a bit,” Breyer said.

The process is simple, says Breyer. Foster families will receive everything they need to care for the animal over the weekend.

The City of Fresno Animal Shelter, located at 5277 E. Airways Blvd., is hosting an event where residents adopt a pet for Thanksgiving weekend. Operation Wishbone Drive Thru will take place on Tuesday November 22nd and Wednesday November 23rd. (GV Wire File)

Adopting a pet can help increase adoptions

Breyer says the temporary placement allows the shelter to get additional information about how animals behave in a home and what types of accommodations or services they need.

“Being around people really helps animals relax and helps them behave better when they return to the shelter,” Breyer said.

Families will be asked to complete a report card on how the animals interacted with the children in the home or with other dogs.

These comments allow the shelter to give information to potential adopters on why a particular pet might be suitable for them based on their behavior and characteristics.

“So it’s really beneficial and we’re still hoping that some of these foster families will turn into adoptions,” Breyer said. “But even if they don’t, it provides us with a good amount of knowledge that helps us place these animals better.”

Adoption offers in November

In addition, the shelter will host a special adoption for adult dogs.

Dogs six months and older can be adopted throughout November for a $25 fee, while adult black dogs can be adopted for free. Normally, a regular adoption costs $125.

Dogs adopted through the shelter will be fully vaccinated with parvo, rabies, and bordetella vaccines, including neutered, neutered, and microchipped.

Few pet products for Thanksgiving

The shelter also recently announced that it was running out of laundry products to help keep shelter animals warm.

Now that the temperatures have dropped, the shelter is asking residents to help keep animals warm this winter by donating old blankets, towels or sheets.

Drop-offs for any of these items are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily at city and county shelters.

The shelter is also looking for donations of pet-friendly holiday meals, such as canned green beans, canned chicken and canned pumpkin.

“We like to make a little holiday meal for pets that don’t come home for Thanksgiving,” Breyer said. “And those items allow us to make sure everyone here gets a nice little treat and a little holiday meal that the staff provide.”

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