Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter Needs People to Adopt Dogs

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – The Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter recently received more than 50 puppies and all of them are minors. There is an urgent need for people to adopt them. However, none of them are old enough.

“The only hope is that either help will come and take them away or these puppies will have to spend at least a month at the shelter. Number one, it’s not good for them to come, but it’s not good either because we don’t have a place The shelter is currently full, all the shelters in the area are full and we still have puppies and kittens arriving as it is that time of year. we like to talk about is that if you have your animals spayed, it won’t be a problem,” said Roxanne Smith of NELA’s PAWS.

Smith said there is a big pet overpopulation problem in northeast Louisiana.

“They are overwhelmed. We have puppies that are available for adoption right now, but they are four to five months old, just so you are aware,” Smith said.

If you’re thinking about owning a puppy but don’t want to commit, fostering might be an option.

“You can go through the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter. There is an application form to complete. If all goes well, you will be able to get your animals back,” Smith said.

It comes with benefits.

“There is no cost to you. Food is going to be included, all the medications they need, all the vet checks. All of this is taken care of. We just need a home outside of the shelter for these babies,” Smith said.

Empty The Shelters is coming in May and organizers hope it will reduce overcrowding.

“It runs from Monday May 2 to May 15 and all adoptions will cost $35 during this time. Which normally it’s $70 and $80 for dogs and cats. So get out, it’s time. We need help clearing the shelters,” Smith said.

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