7 ways to make a difficult decision in life

How do I go about making a difficult decision in life?

To help you make the tough decisions in life better, we’ve asked business leaders this question to get their best advice. From seeking professional advice to aligning your decisions with your values, there are many ways to feel more confident about making difficult decisions in life.

Here are seven ways to make a difficult decision in life:

  • Seek professional advice
  • Plan for your family
  • Have emergency savings
  • Weigh your pros and cons
  • Find people you trust
  • Align your decision with your values
  • Read about it

Seek professional advice

In our industry, we work with young biological mothers every day, making the difficult but very courageous decision to go through the adoption process. As with any decision, consideration, reflection, prayer, and professional guidance aid in the decision-making process. When birth mothers come to the Texas Adoption Center and tell us the toughest decision, we don’t take it lightly. Our adoption specialists are trained to offer professional advice to bring these birth mothers through this process with peace of mind and knowing that they are making a courageous choice for their child.

Kenna Hamm, Texas Adoption Center

Plan for your family

One of the most difficult decisions in life is to plan for your own death. While the benefits are significant, life insurance often it is difficult to think about and plan for the inevitable. Although life is unpredictable, your family’s financial security doesn’t have to be, especially if something happens to you. There are so many life insurance benefits that can meet your family’s changing needs, so the sooner you start planning and investing in the right plan, the better.

Chris Abrams, Marcan Insurance

Have emergency savings

Consider ways to make difficult life decisions as easily as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to have emergency savings. Emergency savings can give you more freedom and flexibility to make the best decisions, no matter how difficult it may be. For example, when it comes to starting your own business or making a career transition, especially if you have a family, having enough savings can save you enough time to explore your options.

Ronniba Pemberton, Markers

Weigh your pros and cons

Be smart about it and never limit your options. You should consider all of your choices and determine the pros and cons of each choice. You can do this by listing all the pros and cons. Write it down on a piece of paper to guide you in evaluating the most practical option. You can also ask for another person’s opinion by doing this.

Joe Flanagan, VelvetJobs

Find people you trust

Reach out to people who have had to make similar decisions to try to get different points of view. It can be overwhelming when people give you conflicting advice, so try to take things with a grain of salt. Ultimately, the decision should be yours, so weigh your options and trust yourself to make the right decision for you.

Maia Kelly, Technology Tips

Align your decision with your values

Faced with a difficult life decision, I like to ask myself three questions that have not let me down. Which alternative is the best for my growth and development in 3 to 5 years? Which decision most closely matches my main values ​​/ priorities? Which option could I regret the most in the future? These questions address all the major aspects of what makes a difficult decision a little more digestible. I analyze aspects of fear and procrastination, the temptation of short-term inertia over long-term benefits, and how my choice will bring me closer to the best possible version of myself. Writing everything down helps a lot, so from one over-analyzer to another, do yourself a favor and put them on paper. Good luck!

Jagoda Wieczorek, ResumeLab

Read about it

Whatever problem you’re having, most likely someone has written a book about it, and you can learn from their successes (or failures). Not only that, but there’s a good chance that a blogger has already curated a list of relevant books on the subject for you. By Google searching for “Best Books on ___,” you can separate the wheat from the chaff and list the top resources that other readers have found helpful or encouraging. Using a site like Goodreads or Amazon can help you explore further based on the ratings and reviews left by readers, many of whom have been in the same boat as you and can comment from that perspective.

Chloe Brittain, Opal transcription services

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