Local animal shelter rescues 66 cats from Reserve Street encampment

AniMeals No-Kill Adoption Center and Animal Food Bank discovered seventy-one cats trapped under the Reserve Street Bridge in Missoula, Montana.

When these poor babies were brought to the center, some of them were in quite a difficult condition. The adoption center has already spent more than $15,000 in medical expenses preparing these cats for adoption, draining the shelter’s budget. Many of these below deck cats had suffered the trauma of being abandoned and were struggling to trust again. However, the shelter is so grateful to have found them, and everyone involved is confident that they will thrive in foster care.

“This project consumed a lot of our time, energy and thoughts. We are grateful to be in a position where we can help these cats, however, how do you ensure the cycle does not happen again? How can we be proactive instead of reactive? We are trying to create a better life for the cats in our community, not just the cats in our care,” adoption center AniMeals said in a Facebook post.

AniMeals is currently planning to create a Displaced Persons Pet Outreach Program with the goal of raising awareness in the community to help vaccinate, repair and microchip the pets of displaced persons and people struggling to do these things. This would ensure that this history does not repeat itself.

“Our hope is to help control the cat population in Missoula in a safe and sustainable way. By providing a safe and reliable resource for individuals and their pets, we can help prevent the growth of large colonies like the one under the Reserve Street Bridge,” Animeals said.

With 7.6 million animals abandoned on the streets and in shelters across this country each year, the shelters and rescue groups that house and feed these struggling animals are vital to their well-being. You can donate to Animeals here and help them supplement the dietary needs of these homeless animals, freeing up valuable dollars for other critical needs, like medicine and surgeries. You can also consider sponsoring an animal to help defray the costs of preparing the cats for adoption!

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