Lafayette family dog ​​stolen, body returned to police by suspect

A Lafayette family has asked for the community’s help in locating a missing dog last week (similar to the photo above), and the story doesn’t end well.

According to a post on the Nextdoor app, a Lafayette resident posted a video of a man entering the resident’s carport and stealing the family dog, Reesie.

The family posted on the neighborhood app on Thursday, Oct. 27, asking for help in finding their Miniature Schnauzer, or at least identifying the man who was seen taking the dog.

Our elderly miniature schnauzer came out of our carport this morning at 10:45. It stood out from the backyard and was near our door. I don’t know if the guy taking it in the video is a good Samaritan or if he stole our dog. Any help finding it would be appreciated. He didn’t call the phone number on his ID tag.

Later the same day, the family (who we allow to remain anonymous) posted an update to the story.

It appears the family was able to identify and contact the man to ask about their dog, Reesie. The man told them that yes, he had picked up the dog, but that he had released the dog from his car a few houses from where he had taken it.

Update: 10/27/22 We spoke to the man in the video and he no longer has Reesie. He says he let him out of his car a few houses from ours. Reesie hasn’t come back yet.

This is where the story gets interesting and, unfortunately, much more devastating.

On Friday, October 28, the family took to the Nexdoor app to post another update, this time announcing that their dog Reesie had passed away.

Update 10/28/22, we have recovered Reesie’s body. The Lafayette police are doing a terrific job on the case. We ask that no one tries to identify or contact the person as we already know who it is and have spoken with them. Please let the police do their job. I don’t want to jeopardize the case. Thanks for all the support. Please pray for my family and hug your pets tonight.

How did the family recover the dog’s body? Well, it looks like the suspect turned over Reesie’s body to the police.

In a response to the family’s original post on the Nextdoor app, a neighbor mentions that the man’s words in the video made no sense to them. Apparently, the suspect said to the dog (audible in the video): “Let’s go home”, before taking the dog.

It was then that Reesie’s family mentioned that the dog’s corpse had been turned over to the police by the suspect.

And it appears the family are trying to hide details as they don’t want to jeopardize any case police may have against the suspect.

Several times in the message, Reesie’s family asks neighbors not to approach or contact the suspect and to “let the police do their job.”

It seems to me that the family knows a lot more about the case and is keeping quiet.

As for Reesie’s death — well, the family isn’t releasing that information either.

A comment on the original post mentions that sometimes dogs are stolen to be used as bait dogs to train larger dogs for combat. The family’s response could make it seem like they know how their poor little dog died.

It appears the family vet performed an autopsy on Reesie, but we may not know how Reesie died until this case is resolved.

It’s crazy to think that someone is bold enough to come onto your property to steal a pet, but it happens all too often. Locking your doors and keeping an eye on your pets is good advice in these sad times.

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