Tully’s Tails: Pet Pals Animal Shelter

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Gracie works at the Pet Pal animal shelter in St. Pete. She does her daily checks, which begin in the medical ward, where dozens of dogs and cats receive care.

These are animals that could come from surrenders or come from animal services, and whether it’s heartworms or kennel cough, that’s where they improve before finding a new home.

“We put a lot of work into these animals and put a lot of love into them. And we don’t want them to go back to anything bad,” Gracie said.

Gracie oversaw operations at Pet Pals for 11 years. She’s even hosted a few rescues in her home and mostly spends time caring for foster families.

“Some of our adoptive parents don’t have animals because they dedicate and dedicate their time and their homes to welcoming us,” Gracie said.

It’s a full house at Pet Pal, just like it is at many other Bay Area shelters. Gracie insists on reducing shelter populations, which means more animals need to be neutered and neutered.

“We have to remember that, you know, there’s a mission, and if we take every animal and don’t have room for it, we’re not doing the whole thing justice,” Gracie said.

But your heart can rest easy. Everyone here is doing great, thanks to people like Gracie.

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