Cedar Dell Residents Craft and Collect for Animal Sanctuary

Animals entering and leaving the Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast in Dartmouth are about to get a little more comfort and care thanks to a big donation from residents of Cedar Dell Nursing Home.

Throughout February, a group of seven residents met regularly to sew and collect supplies to make dog and cat beds, pet blankets, and catnip toys.

“We made things of all sizes,” said Claire Martin, one of the artisans. “It will go to their homes forever.”

In addition to crafts for the animals, members of the group also stocked up on cleaning and grooming supplies for the staff at the Ventura Drive shelter.

“That way it makes life a little bit easier for them,” said Tabitha Rogers, an assisted living worker. “I am very proud of these ladies.

Although the project was a lot of work, it also turned out to be a time to reminisce about old pets.

“I had a stupid dog, but he was a nice one,” seamstress Lillian Machado said with a laugh.

Another resident, Diane Cambra, explained that this was not the first time the group had worked to help the shelter.

They ran a similar campaign last year, but were unable to create as a group due to the pandemic. With the arrival of vaccines and declining transmission rates, Cambra said the group is happy to meet in person this year.

“And God forbid, we just sit back and do nothing,” Cambra joked. “That way we could take our time and have fun with it.”

Donations will be dropped off at the animal shelter on February 28.

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