Jalan Besar Cat Adoption Center lets you play with rescued kittens without cages for S$15/hour

Cat Paradise in Jalan Besar lets you play with rescued kittens for S$15/hour

Adoption centers are usually quite simple. Visitors can check the pets in their cages to choose the one they have chosen.

While this concept generally works, it may not allow for much physical interaction between prospective owners and animals. Therefore, it might be a bit difficult to determine if the creature’s personality is a good match.

This cat salon in Jalan Besar aims to change that by introducing a cage-free adoption center, which houses rescued cats and kittens for recreational and adoption visits.

Source: @catparadisesg on Instagram

Prospective owners can come in and play with kittens for S$15 an hour.

If you find your forever furbaby, you can bring it home after making sure it ticks all the boxes.

Cat Paradise allows future owners to get closer to felines

At @cataparadisesg on Instagram, rescued cats take center stage as they await their forever homes in this new concept adoption center.

Unlike other adoption campaigns, potential owners can interact more intimately with the cats because they are not confined to cages as they usually would be.

This way cats can have the freedom to express their true selves and show potential owners how comfortable they are with you.

cat paradise

Source: @cataparadisesg on Instagram

For just S$15 an hour, Cat Paradise also distributes treats to customers to entice the kittens. All in moderation, of course.

Alternatively, you can get an all-day weekday pass for S$30.

Cat Paradise works with its rescue partner Project Luni to rehome and care for street cats.

Donations to the non-profit organization are welcome as proceeds will further aid them in their mission.

All Cat Paradise cats are up for adoption

Cat Paradise is designed with space and comfort in mind for its feline tenants.

With cozy beds, cushions and climbing platforms to explore at their leisure, these felines have every reason to be happy.

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It is important to remember that Cat Paradise has a set of internal rules that all customers must follow.

Source: @cataparadisesg on Instagram

These rules will go a long way in keeping cats healthy, so they can live out their days in peace and love.

Source: @catparadisesg on Instagram

If you are lucky enough to have one that cuddles up to you and forms a bond, you would be happy to know that every cat has a clean bill of health and is neutered.

All that remains before your furry friend comes home with you is your assurance that your home is fully equipped to accommodate your new furkid home.

Just 2 minutes walk from MRT Jalan Besar station

If that sounds like a dream to you, here’s how to get to Cat Paradise:

cat paradise
Opening hours: 11am-8pm daily
Address: 23 Upper Weld Rd, #02-01, Singapore 207380
Nearest MRT: Jalan Besar Railway Station

Customers will need to make an appointment as there is a cap on the number of people allowed in the cafe at any given time.

You can find more details on the chat room Instagram account here.

Ordinary cats need love too

For every Scottish fold or Maine coon there is a regular tabby who is also looking for a little love.

If you are looking for cats to adopt or new activities to do, why not try this new adoption center concept?

Who knows? You might find your feline partner there.

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Featured image adapted from @catparadisesg on Instagram.

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