‘I haven’t slept since Dora disappeared’ – a distraught K9 cop whose dog went missing

Dora is a six year old Belgian Shepherd and recently moved from Maluti to Mthatha. (Provided)

  • A K9 unit dog has been missing for nearly four days in Mthatha, Eastern Cape.
  • Dora, a brown Belgian Shepherd, has been missing since Monday after running out of her kennel as she was about to be fed.
  • The search for her did not yield any positive results.

“I haven’t slept since Dora disappeared. I’m scared and I’m nervous. I lost my dog.”

These are the words of Constable Siphamadla Nyameka, the K9 dog handler who is still in shock as four days have passed without seeing his four-legged colleague Dora, who fled to Mthatha, Cape Town Oriental.

The six-year-old brown Belgian Shepherd, known for his energetic habits, has been missing for almost four days and his search has yielded no positive results.

The Mthatha K9 unit in Eastern Cape calls in t

The Mthatha K9 Unit in Eastern Cape is appealing to the community to help find fellow four-legged K9 Dora who ran away on Monday August 22nd.

According to Eastern Cape Police spokesman Sergeant Kaya Matola-Mvanyashe, Dora fled at around 6 p.m. on Monday when the door to her kennel was opened for her to be fed.

“She ran away and her master was not present at the time,” Matola-Myanyashe said.

Having had Dora for almost five years, Nyameka feels devastated by her dog’s disappearance and hopes that she will be recovered safely.

Constable Siphamadla Nyameka, a K9 unit dog handle

Constable Siphamadla Nyameka, K9 Unit Officer, Mthatha, Eastern Cape, is on the hunt for his dog Dora, who ran away from the kennel while being fed. She has since disappeared.

Having been transferred to Mthatha from Maloti with his dog just four weeks ago, Nyameka said Dora’s disappearance scared him as she might find it difficult to find her way back as she was unfamiliar with the area.

“Dora is a very active dog and stays little in her kennel. She likes going up and down. When someone opens her kennel to give her food or water, they must always make sure that you do not open not the door wide.

“It’s always best to open the door and then block it with your left hand because it always wants to get out.

“What scares me now is that she doesn’t know this area very well. She’s not like your normal neighborhood dog able to walk around the area. We’ve only been here four weeks now. , and she still doesn’t know that environment,” he said.

When Nyameka first had Dora in 2018, he noticed her unusually low weight. Upon taking her to the doctor, it was confirmed that she was underweight.

Dora and her master, agent Siphamadla Nyameka

Dora and her handler, Constable Siphamadla Nyameka, have only been in Mthatha for a month and the place is still new to the dog.

“She is underweight and doesn’t like food, so we had to give her revitalizing food at least twice a day. Since eating it, she has gained weight. Before, she weighed 18 kg , and now she’s 21.70, so it’s working for her,” he said.

Reflecting on the tough times Dora had to go through, Nyameka said her priorities have always been to take care of Dora to the best of her abilities.

“I always take good care of her and we bonded so much. I remember the time she had to have surgery on her right ear. She had a skin problem that caused a blood clot in her area. of the ear. [of] who [we] had to cut this piece. But I’m glad she’s okay now,” he said.

He also recalled an incident in which a man came to a house in Mount Ayliff, raped a child, shot the child’s sister and then abducted their mother.

“In order to track down the suspect, we used Dora. She helped us locate and arrest him,” Nyameka recalls.

The Mthatha K9 unit appealed to the community to help find Dora. Anyone who can help locate her or who has spotted a similar looking dog in the vicinity is urged to contact Captain Gladstone Mkentane on 082 457 3643 or her handler Constable Siphamadla Nyameka on 071 895 0596 urgently.

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