Topeka Animal Shelters Encourage Pet Adoptions on National Cat Day

Topeka’s Helping Hands Humane Society will be celebrating National Cat Day on Friday with plenty of social media articles about cats available for adoption.

The Topeka Cat Association has no plans to do anything special on Friday, but that’s only because “every day here is National Cat Day,” its sales manager told detail, Diane Barnes.

Encouraging cat adoptions and “breaking the internet with kindness” are among the goals of National Cat Day, according to the celebration’s website. Cats lower blood pressure, alert their owners to danger and offer companionship, unconditional love and “tons of laughs,” according to this site.

This encourages those who are considering bringing a cat to “adopt, not shop”.

Reduced adoption fees at HHHS

A black cat sticks her tongue out for Diana Barnes, Retail Manager at the Cat Association, 1719 SW Gage Blvd.  The organization offers adoptions and services for furry animals who need a home forever.

National Cat Day was established in 2005.

It comes this year towards the end of a month in which the adoption fee has been temporarily reduced to $ 10 for most cats at HHHS, 5720 SW 21st, said the shelter’s communications coordinator, Emi Griess. .

This deal is being offered because “We have a lot of cats,” she said.

The promotion was a success, with 181 cats adopted this month, including 69 last week, Griess said.

HHHS was looking after 288 cats on Thursday, she said. Of these, 48 are placed in foster care, most of which are kittens too young to be adopted.

Journee, a three-legged cat, enjoys his attention to the Cat Association of Topeka.  He finds a seat at the retail counter Thursday afternoon.

HHHS sometimes euthanizes animals, but only for medical or behavioral reasons. Its live release rate last year was 82% for dogs and 81% for cats.

Griess said messages released by HHHS on social media on Friday will highlight some of the cats in attendance while also challenging the misconception that all felines are distant.

“We have cats with all types of personalities, so if people want a more affectionate, playful and active cat, we have them too,” Griess said.

She said that while different people look for different things when looking for a cat, the fastest to adopt tend to be the felines that interact with people the most.

‘Lots of wonderful cats’ at CAT Association,

Stairs and colorful structures help keep the attention of cats housed at the Topeka Cat Association.

The CAT Association, which operates a Deathless Shelter at 1719 SW Gage Blvd., has 60 to 70 cats, Barnes said Thursday.

Many of the cats at the shelter are there long enough for staff to get to know them very well, she said.

These staff members are therefore trying to make sure the cats at the shelter go to owners who are suitable for them, Barnes said.

“We have a lot of wonderful cats – different personalities, different ages, different energy levels,” she said. “There are a lot of choices. We would really like to find a good home for them.”

Three tabby kittens seek their kennel's attention at the Helping Hands Humane Society.  The shelter will have special social media posts on Friday for National Cat Day.

While Barnes was speaking, she was approached by “Journee”, a three-legged cat who has become a permanent resident of the CAT Association.

The shelter took in Journee after she was seriously injured, Barnes said.

“The vet tried to save the other leg but the damage was too bad,” she said.

Today Journee is so popular at the CAT Association that “she almost has her own fan club,” Barnes said.

The CAT Association adoption fee is $ 100 for kittens under 6 months old, $ 75 for felines 6 months to 10 years old, and $ 30 for cats 10 years of age or older, a she declared.

National Black Cat Day

Shelby Reich, volunteer coordinator at Helping Hands Humane Society, pet Cobra, a black cat in one of the shelter's chat rooms as Nirvana watches.  Both cats are offered for adoption at a reduced rate of $ 10 per adoption cat.

National Cat Day comes two days after National Black Cat Day, which was Wednesday.

National Black Cat was created to give people a chance to share their affection for this iconic but often maligned animal in the days leading up to Halloween, according to a website marking the day.

Black cats are more likely to be euthanized or wait longer to be adopted due to superstitious beliefs present in some cultures, according to this site.

National Black Cat Day was launched to show people that a black cat could be the perfect cat for them and to help raise awareness of black cats in general, he said.

Some people who come to HHHS are making it clear that they are unwilling to adopt a black cat, Griess said.

Still, around 98% of potential adopters are open to their cat’s color, she said.

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