‘Weird Cat’ Held by Douglas County Animal Shelter, Owner Wanted

DOUGLASVILLE, GA — The Douglas County Animal Shelter has cared for all kinds of creatures over the years: canines, felines, a few rabbits, and even the occasional bird.

On Sunday, the shelter picked up its very first “strange cat”.

“If anyone is missing a weird-looking cat, Animal Control brought it last night,” Douglas County Animal Services posted on its Facebook page Monday. “Interested adopters must have a *strange cat experience*”

The post includes a video showing a hand gently tapping against a plastic enclosure with a maze of cats behind it. A few seconds later, the “strange cat” comes out of the maze to look around.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the “strange cat” is a ferret, and the message is ironic.

Cynthia Williams, shelter manager for Douglas County Animal Services, told Patch that a “worried citizen” trapped the ferret in an Amazon box lest he “try to enter her home.” An animal control officer then retrieved the box and brought the ferret to the shelter.

“In the three years that I’ve worked at the shelter, we haven’t received a ferret,” Williams told Patch via email. This meant that the shelter had no cages that could hold a ferret. Instead, officers placed him in the shelter’s “Kitten Free Roam Room” – “where the idea for the ‘strange cat’ came from,” Williams said.

If the previous owner doesn’t call the shelter by Friday, the “strange cat” will be up for adoption. In the meantime, the Facebook post generated so much interest that Williams predicted “we should have no problem tracking down someone with a ‘strange cat’ experience!”

If this ferret is yours, call Douglas County Animal Services at 770-942-5961.

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