Voluntary adoption agencies collaborate to highlight the choice of prospective adoptive parents

INDEPENDENT voluntary adoption agencies across the UK have joined forces to highlight the choices available to people considering becoming an adoptive parent.

Parents And Children Together (PACT) is one of 12 adoption agencies participating in the #AdopterChoice campaign, launched on April 11, 2022.

Supported by the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA), the campaign aims to raise awareness of the options available to anyone considering adopting a child or children. People wishing to adopt can choose to approach their local authority, a regional adoption agency or a Voluntary Adoption Agency (VAA). Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAA) are independent, non-profit organizations that are smaller than most statutory agencies and offer personalized service to adopters from all walks of life.

VAAs work in partnership with local authorities and regional adoption agencies across the UK to find families for children in care who cannot stay with their birth parents.

As part of the #AdopterChoice campaign, adoptive parents spoke about the reasons why they chose to adopt through an AAV.

Adoptive father Tom said:

We looked at a few different agencies, both local authorities and voluntary agencies, but it was from the voluntary agency that we got this feeling of personalized support and interest in us. It was as if our social worker was entirely in our corner and she had no agenda or priorities of her own, she was just focused on the best possible match for the children and also for us.

Mom of a Zoe said:

A VAA is able to work with children from all over the country because they are not bound like a local authority is for their area, so they were able to put me in touch with my son. He was from another part of the country, and it was perfect!

Adopter Rhi said, “One of the benefits of a voluntary adoption agency is that they often focus on children who are waiting longer for placement. As we were considering adopting an older child, we thought this was really helpful.

Mom of three, Amy said:

Our experience was fantastic! It was really personalized, it was very encouraging. It has been fundamental to our family life now. The key factor in this has been the support of the voluntary organization from our first contact with them until today and the support we still receive.

Learn more and watch a film featuring the experiences of the six adopters on www.paccharity.org/adoption/why-choose-pact/

The CVAA advocates and supports the 36 registered Voluntary Adoption Agencies across the UK.

CVAA CEO Maggie Jones said:

Voluntary adoption agencies have the advantage of being rooted in their local community while being able to search across the country to connect children with adoptive families that are best suited for them.

VAAs truly welcome adopters from all walks of life and offer very high quality support throughout the adoption process.

PACT has offices in London, Brighton, Reading and Oxford and finds, approves and supports adopters from across the South East. PACT has been rated exceptional by Ofsted in its last two inspections and offers a range of support options to all of its families for life.

PACT Adoption Service Manager Lorna Hunt said:

We are proud to say that PACT has been building and strengthening families through adoption for 70 years, and we support all of our families for as long as they need us.

We are particularly focused on finding adoptive parents for the children who have been waiting the longest for a permanent family. These include single children aged three or over, children with additional needs or disabilities, and children in sibling groups of two, three or even four who must stay together.

Like all VAAs, PACT is committed to providing prospective adopters with a friendly, high quality and positive adoption experience and ultimately to finding safe and loving homes for the many children awaiting care. .

To learn more about adoption with PACT, download an adoption guide or book to attend an online information event by visiting http://www.paccharity.org.

Written by: Emma Owen

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