The Wounded Pitbull mix faces a long road to recovery after “possible animal abuse”; rescue groups put her to safety

Editor’s Note: There is some disturbing information in this article, and the video above may be graphic.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) The Animal Rescue League of El Paso took in an injured Pitbull-mix so badly it had a hole in the middle of its face.

“As far as we can tell, Dr Fruend thinks it was blunt trauma, something with a hammer or something heavy and strong enough to cut his forehead,” Loretta said. Hyde, of the Animal Rescue League of El Paso. .

Hyde took the dog to the vet, who said the wound was severely infected with maggots and bone fragments.

“It crushed the sinus bones and the skin tore, flies and waste got in,” said Dr Roger Fruend, owner of the Coronado Animal Clinic.

The dog, now called “Founder”, is only 8-9 months old. Hyde said she was found in the county near McNutt in Canutillo.

“Sadly it’s a dumping ground there and it’s probably one of the worst we’ve seen when it comes to blunt trauma,” Hyde said.

Dr Fruend said without knowing exactly what happened to the founder, it’s hard to say what caused the damage, but the rescue group suspects it could have been an act on the part of a no one.

“I’m not going to say yes or no, but it’s really hard for me to imagine that this happened – with her doing this to herself, bumping into something, crossing the yard or a fence post causing this. , I can’t see this happening, ”Dr. Fruend said.

Hyde said it was an ongoing issue where they saw more abandoned and injured animals.

“There has been a lot of attention given to animal cruelty and abandonment cases and shelters are inundated with dogs that want to be relocated or they no longer want them for some reason and we can’t take all relay, ”Hyde mentioned.

For now, the founder’s wound is being cleaned and treated with antibiotics. However, the vet said she would need more surgery to close the hole.

The Animal Rescue League covers the cost of the founder’s medical bills.

Plastic surgery with the skin flap is going to be a little expensive, but it’s worth it, ”Hyde said. “She will always have the hole in her head and the scars, but that doesn’t mean she has to bear the emotional scars too.”

Despite a hole in the face, the dog was wagging its tail when it was picked up from the vet by Hyde.

“It’s funny, she’s never shown resentment even knowing that a human probably did this to her, she doesn’t blame anyone,” Hyde said.

For now, Founder will be in the care of the Animal Rescue League until she is fully healed. After that, Hyde said she would be ready to find her new home forever.

For anyone interested in making a donation to the Founder’s Refuge and medical expenses, CLICK HERE.

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