The sweet lady, Avon, claims a new home


Greetings Winston:

My name is Avon. I think that’s the prettiest name, isn’t it? I am a 7 year old feline. I am a lucky woman because I had the wonderful opportunity to be a shelter “office cat” for a while, and I loved having people around me. I really enjoyed hearing the phones ringing and the hustle and bustle of office life!

Sometimes I think they were almost ready to give me my own desk! I “supervised” everything that was happening and reminded staff to do certain things (just in case they forgot).

I am a supreme lap sitter and would definitely prefer a quiet house. I guess you could call me a “couch potato” because I love to relax and snuggle up with someone.

I am currently located at PetSmart in New Hartford. Winston, please tell your readers to come visit me; I would love to say hello and hopefully click with that special someone.

– Regards, Avon

Dear Avon:

I am honored to have you in the spotlight this week! I love your photo and your good eyes. If you enjoyed office life, you will certainly enjoy home life in your home forever, which we hope will come soon. Good luck!

– Your friend, Winston

Adoption updates

Cats: Carla, Carmine, Dutchess, Mischief, Gil, Pua, Bert, Hermoine, Tante Bam, Buster, Uncle Earl, Dino, Zahara, Cami, Tabby, Meisha, Marley, Heidi, Ivy, Archer, Skipper, Mouse, Junior, Oreo , Linus, Saucey, Joyce, Ringo & Dipper

Dogs: Shilo

November is Adopt
one month for senior pets

When the weather turns cold, it reminds us that some four-legged friends need a family too. In November, consider creating a home for an older furry pet during Adopt a Senior Pet month. While wiggling puppies and kittens make us smile with delight, you’d be surprised how well an older pet could fit into your lifestyle.

Often times, older pets have mellowed out and don’t need the extra attention a puppy or kitten would need. If they need training, it is only specific to your home and routine.

There may be some adjustment with an older animal. Like humans, they can be set in their ways. But, in most cases, their history is known and they can be easily matched with the right family or person. So if you are looking for a new companion, don’t overlook an older animal. You might be ignoring a loyal pet with a lot of life in them.

Things to consider might be whether the furry baby has medical needs or requires a lot of space. Was he from a house with children or other pets? If any of this information affects your adoption, you will need to reconsider your decision.

Keep in mind that the lifespan of many healthy dogs extends through adolescence depending on their breed. When it comes to cats, this can be a bit more difficult to predict. Since their lifespans vary from 10 to 15 years, these nine lifetimes may not last as long as we thought. Even so, with good veterinary care, you and your senior cat can enjoy many years of happiness together.

ASPCA and founded Adopt a Senior Pet Month to improve the perception of senior pets as quality pets for adoptions. They are just as, and sometimes, more adoptable than younger animals. Consider adopting an older pet when considering adopting this year !!!

Wish list


Toys for large dogs


Plastic spoons

Laundry detergent (unscented for sensitive skin)

Cat trees, towers, perches or jungle gyms

We have updated our Amazon Wish List (ship to: 6247 Lampear Road, Rome, NY 13440):

Temporary schedules

We have temporarily reduced our hours. The new hours are: noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday.

How you can help
the shelter

Become a member


Donate (you can specify where you want your donation to go: medical fund, sterilization / sterilization fund, construction fund or general fund)

Also, did you know that if you love animals but can’t adopt right now, you can still help?

Sponsor the cost of an animal while it lives in the shelter (paying for expenses for its food, care, etc.)

Sponsor the cost of adopting an animal

Sponsor the cost of sterilizing an animal

Stop at any time!

You can stop by the refuge, 6247 Lampear Road, anytime we are open! While it is helpful to our staff if you are making an appointment to abandon or adopt an animal, it is not necessary. Plus, you don’t need an appointment to donate.


AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support the Humane Society of Rome!

Every time you shop with Amazon, they donate part of the purchase price to our charity.

Here’s what you need to do before you start shopping:

1. Go to AmazonSmile (

2. Log into your Amazon account.

3. Click Accounts & Lists.

4. Click on Your account.

5. Scroll to Settings.

6. Click Change your charity.

7. Type “Humane Society of Rome” and search.

8. Select – make sure you choose the right cruelty-free company.

9. Go shopping!

Cat pride
Litter program

We participate in the Cat’s Pride Liter for Good program – we have received 4000 pounds of cat litter thanks to nominations from the community. This is an ongoing promotion. The more nominations, the more garbage we get.

The litter, as you can imagine, is a big expense for us, so it would be a wonderful saving for our shelter.

The public is invited to participate as follows:

1. Go to and join the free Cat’s Pride Club.

2. Click on the “Nominate” button to help us receive waste.

3. Enter the bonus code: 4GOOD and you will double your nomination to the shelter.

4. Buy a green pitcher of Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light – each time you do this another pound of litter is added to the total amount given.

Contact us

For more information call 315-336-7070 or go online at


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