Swedish Mouse Mafia, CatYE West, Barkley Eilish. You won’t find them at Coachella

A different festival is underway this weekend in the Coachella Valley, with headliners Barkley Eilish, Swedish Mouse Mafia and, well, Doja Cat.

Riverside Department of Animal Services is launching their first-ever BarkChella event where you can adopt a pet from their Coachella Valley Animal Campus for free.

The Riverside Shelter currently has 700 cats and dogs in need of homes. Erin Gettis, who is the director of animal services, said she hopes the Coachella scene will attract more attention and potential adopters.

And if you’ve had enough of the festival’s wild action and need a more calming presence, Gettis said the shelter currently has plenty of senior dogs in need of homes.

Over 700 cats and dogs will be up for adoption at the “BarkChella” event which will run through the end of April at the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in the Jurupa Valley.

(Courtesy of Riverside County Department of Animal Services)

“This seasoned dog who knows the business, what it means to get up and go through the day, and is very content to be right by your side and sleep and nap,” Gettis said. “I think that’s another thing that’s really cool with the dogs we have right now.”

BarkChella lasts until April and the promotion includes:

  • Sterilization or sterilization of the animal
  • Vaccination
  • A microchip

Adopters must be prepared to pay for the compulsory license if they live within the jurisdictional areas of Riverside County.
Even if you’re not in the Coachella Valley, your BarkChella VIP Pass will also grant you access to the Western Riverside County Shelter.

  • Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter
    • 6851 Van Buren Blvd., Jurupa Valley
  • The Coachella Valley Animal Campus
    • 720-050 Pet Land Place, Thousand Palms

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