Spotlight on Animal Shelters: George + Armani Ready for Families


KENNEWICK, Washington – There are adorable pets waiting to be adopted in Southeast Washington. Whether you prefer cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, or anything in between, there is a pet for you. That being said, we would like to highlight two very special dogs who are looking for the right people to invite them into their family.

We start with George, a 7 year old dog from the Blue Mountain Humane Society (BMHS) who is just looking for a loving owner and a cozy place to snuggle up. The BMHS team told KAPP-KVEW that George is a laid back dog who would make sense in a home that wants doggy love without the chaos, noise and energy of a puppy.

George would rather go for a walk than a jog, but he’ll have a good nap afterwards anyway. He wants a family that will give him pets and let him know he’s a good boy. His owners say he’s sweet, cuddly, friendly, clean, and ready to fit into someone’s life.

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He was brought to the shelter as a wanderer, but he never let it bring him down. He doesn’t care about people or other dogs, although you may need to watch his weight. George wouldn’t do well in a house where he had to climb stairs frequently.

People are generally more averse to adopting older dogs, so George has been at the shelter longer than most of the puppies who have been waiting for their families forever. As he has been attending the shelter for some time, Goerge’s adoption fee is lower than that of a younger dog. If you would like to know more about him, you can visit the BMHS website by clicking here.

Next up is the beautiful Armani, a five month old lab mix who is in the care of Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue in West Richland. She was found by a Good Samaritan very early in her life with a ruptured left eye. It was surgically removed when she was first brought to Horse Heaven Hills Emergency Care.

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Even so, Armani’s lack of left eye doesn’t stop him from having fun! It does not affect her daily life and she will not need any follow-up due to the attention she received earlier in her life.

Armani loves to take long walks, play with other dogs and snuggle up on the sofa. She loves other dogs and lives with puppies weighing 8-100 lbs, as well as cats, in her foster home. Armani is also kennel and potty trained, but being young you might want to prepare for an occasional accident when she first arrives at her new home.

Anyone interested in adopting it will need a fenced yard and should not have children under the age of 5. If you’d like to learn more about her, click here to visit her Petfinder List.




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