SL City Council rejects kennel as property sale fails

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Storm Lake City Council rejected an ordinance amendment requested to permit kennels north of the McKenna Addition.

Councilwoman Maggie Martinez and Tyson Rice rejected the amendment that would have allowed kennels in the General Industrial Zone.

Both voted without comment to building official Scott Olesen, who noted that City Hall had received no comment on the amendment. The Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously recommended approval; the city council signed twice. Monday’s city council meeting was supposed to be the third and final approval.

Councilor Martinez said she didn’t vote because the proposed kennels at 2004 Expansion Blvd. were “too close to homes”. When first approved, council learned that the 15-stall kennel was planned just north of the McKenna addition.

Councilor Rice was pleased with the arrangement between the owner and the eventual occupant, Robert Bruno de Newell. Bruno promised Rice he would keep dog barking to a minimum when the council issued its first approval last month. Rice asked City Manager Keri Navratil if the council could have given the kennel its full blessing as long as Bruno was operating it; Navratil replied that such a decision would be illegal.

A sale between Mangold and Bruno fell through, Olesen admitted at the last board meeting. He declined to specify why, but said Mangold still wanted the order changed. Mangold did not respond to a request for comment on the council’s denial.

The 2-2 vote effectively kills the proposed amendment. It can either be reintroduced by another proposal to the planning and zoning commission, or for council’s third reading by Rice or Martinez.

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