Samsung Medical Center achieves EMRAM Stage 6

Samsung Medical Center is the latest hospital in Asia Pacific to achieve Level 6 accreditation for the HIMSS electronic medical records adoption model.

EMRAM assesses the adoption and maturity of a healthcare institution’s EMR capabilities.


During validation, HIMSS commended SMC for its health information system, noting its extensive use of computerized ordering and digital drug prescriptions. Clinicians have been enthusiastic about the EMR, with the hospital having a 100% user adoption rate for clinical documentation and CPOE use.

The hospital’s health information exchange capabilities were also impressive, with data being exchanged between multiple external and national databases “mostly in near real time”.

Additionally, the hospital was praised for its patient engagement initiatives, including its use of the Visual ARS system for scheduling appointments. SMC has also developed patient engagement solutions for medical treatment, nursing, hospital administration, pharmacy and radiology.

“SMC is well on its way to achieving its goal of being a SMART medical center, innovating in technology, space utilization and patient experience, while striving to provide the highest quality care. high quality,” Andrew Pearce, HIMSS Vice President for Analytics and Global Advisory Lead, said.

Meanwhile, HIMSS advised the hospital to integrate its many patient engagement tools into a single platform to provide patients and their caregivers with a seamless experience for accessing health records, communicating with providers, managing their health and performing administrative tasks.

In preparation for its Phase 7 validation, SMC is expected to prepare a case study presentation on its multiple technology solutions that are deployed to address operational and clinical issues.


SMC’s EMRAM Stage 6 validation comes four months after it became the first hospital in the world to achieve Phase 7 Accreditation for the HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model.

It also follows other Asian hospitals, Tung’s Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital in Taiwan and the Pondok Indah Hospital Group in Indonesia will receive EMRAM Stage 6 validation this year. Three Australian hospitals – Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Center – have also received EMRAM Stage 6 in April.


“SMC has been continuously digitally transformed through optimization, efficiency and continuous integration efforts with a passion to deliver the highest healthcare service priorities in quality, safety, patient safety and work efficiency,” said Sang Seob Lee, IT operations manager at SMC.

He said that following this latest EMRAM accreditation, “SMC will continue to contribute to improving patient safety and medical efficiency, and accelerating the implementation of advanced smart hospitals through technology. ‘digital innovation’.

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