Rick Ross says he has no interest in eating ass

Rick Ross is a lover of many things when it comes to romance in the bedroom, but there’s one thing he won’t do with his significant other. In a recent interview, Rozay said he had no interest in eating ass.

In an interview with Beyond the chair podcast, which debuted on YouTube last Friday (July 15), Rick Ross revealed some of his bedroom excitements with hosts Destine and Trishonna. During their chat, the Miami rhymer described his bedroom activities as “a vibe.”

The conversation got really spicy when the ladies asked Rick Ross if he ever ate the loot as groceries.

“I really have no taste for ass,” he said matter-of-factly in the 23rd minute in the video below. “I’m just letting you know, I know what I like and I generally avoid ass.”

Destine and Trishonna both looked disappointed with Ross’ response and again asked, “You ever eat ass?”

Ross replied, “I’m just letting you know that’s not a Rozay thing, right there.”

When asked if there was anything off-limits for him in the bedroom, the Maybach Music Group boss said he liked its simple, not-too-outrageous vibe.

“When I walked in, the girls asked me, ‘Have you ever looked 50 shades of gray‘” Ross explained, suggesting he might not be interested in being tied down with restraints in the bedroom. “Nah baby, I’m not looking 50 shades of gray… no, we’re not going to watch that.”

“I’m gonna light up the weed, that fucking Anita Baker is gonna play and I might pull that ponytail a little bit,” he continued. “And if your eyelashes end up on the marble floor, that’s cool too.”

Not only is Rick Ross a boss in business, but he also runs his business in the bedroom.

Watch Rick Ross’ interview with Beyond the chair Podcast below

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