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A group of gifted and talented students from Rice Elementary recently raised $628.90 for the Corsicana Animal Shelter. Sophomores Madillyn Ivie, Madelyn Jones and Aleia Flores sold pickles every Friday in January to raise money for their “passion” project.

The girls started by creating a plan, presenting it to the principal, and advertising it with posters throughout the school. The pickles were donated by Rice Elementary staff. Every Friday afternoon, they packed pickles and delivered them to classrooms. On March 7, their efforts came to fruition with a shopping trip for supplies on the shelter‘s wish list. Then they delivered the supplies and visited some of the animals they would be helping.

“It was all done by the girls – from planning to delivering the items to the shelter. It was a true real-world learning experience for them that sparked an interest in service and dedication,” Rice Elementary Principal Cindy Black said of the project.

“This experience is one my Madi will remember forever, and these are the kinds of experiences that help children love school and learn,” said Bethany Ivie, Madillyn’s mother.

The girls plan to work on a new goal next school year.

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