Puppies Born By Cesarean After Being Rescued From Michigan Breeding

HARBOR SPRINGS, MI — A dachshund rescued from alleged overbreeding in northern Michigan recently had a complicated birth ending in a C-section.

Olive had six healthy puppies. The mum and her babies are in the care of the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, which took 44 of more than 160 dogs removed from property in East Bay Township on January 28. A second dog recently had three puppies at the same shelter.

Olive was with her adoptive mother Lori Jodar when she gave birth last week, the shelter said in a Facebook post. Experienced in labor and dog births, Jodar realized something was wrong and contacted the shelter staff. An examination by a vet revealed that a pup was stuck in the birth canal, leading to an emergency C-section.

After the birth, Olive showed signs of preeclampsia likely due to the poor living conditions she experienced before the mass rescue, the shelter said. She was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital. Olive finally started to improve.

Olive, a dachshund rescued from a suspected abusive breeding operation in northern Michigan, gave birth to six puppies via emergency cesarean section last week after one of the puppies got stuck in the birth canal. Olive also had symptoms of preeclampsia after the birth, but her condition has improved. Olive and her puppies are in the care of the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society and are doing well in foster care.Little Traverse Bay Humane Society

“We are happy to report that Olive and her six puppies are doing well and are back in foster care recovering,” the shelter said. “Our staff have worked tirelessly to not only help save Olive and her puppies, but also to ensure that all of our new arrivals receive the care they deserve.”

It’s unclear exactly how many puppies have been born since the mass rescue; Grand Traverse County officials did not immediately respond to a request for additional information.

Raymond Feagles, 72, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of animal abuse and neglect related to the allegedly unsafe and unhealthy farming operation on his property. Authorities were carrying out a court-ordered cleanup due to a waste ordinance violation when the dogs were discovered. Thirty-two dogs were found dead and five others were later euthanized, according to reports.

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The front yard was littered with more than 10 vehicles and an RV, and the residence was boarded up, a township official said during a court hearing. The dogs lived among the garbage.

The surviving dogs received medical attention and care at several northern Michigan animal shelters. Adoption applications are now being accepted for certain animals at certain shelters. Check with each shelter for details on adoptions and other ways to help: Cherryland Humane Society, Charlevoix Humane Society, Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, and Otsego County Animal Control. Dogs continue to be sent to shelters; This is not a complete list.

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