Pets available for adoption on Long Island

From cats to dogs and young to old, whatever type of best friend you’re looking for, we’ve got them here!

Available for adoption through Remember Me Rescue


** Senior Alert and Special Request ** Kramer, 10, is the cutest guy you can meet. Having been returned by its owner, Kramer was in poor condition, probably used for breeding and neglected. At the shelter, Kramer received much needed medical treatment for an untreated lump on his face and was removed from the shelter by Remember Me Rescue for placement. Kramer still needs a forever home, preferably an older family that will just let him relax on his couch, take a walk (he walks well on a leash), and share a snack. You will love his playful but sweet personality (he loves to play fetch). He is described by the volunteers as the ideal companion! If you or someone you know would like to help Kramer find the loving home he truly deserves, please send an email to [email protected]

Available for adoption at the Smithtown Town Animal Shelter

Betty boop

** Senior Alert and Special Request ** Betty Boop is a 9-10 year old female pit bull terrier mix who is total love! She is a very calm and understated couch potato who absolutely loves people and gets attached to them very easily. She would love nothing more than to spend her golden years snuggled up with her favorite person, cradling her with her adorable snore. Betty has severe arthritis in her hips and knees and will need a home that can help her manage this problem by giving her medication twice a day. Her ideal home will be a home for adults only, with no other dogs or cats.

If you would like to meet Betty Boop, please call 631-360-7575.

Available for adoption via Allykatz


Tabitha and Bear are 4 month old kittens who are simply bundles of sweet and loving pleasure. They love to play and would love their homes forever as soon as possible.


Melody and Valerie are a couple of 12 week old kittens, described as very affectionate and playful. Do you have room in your heart and in your home to double the fun?

Jack and Jill

Also a related couple, Jack and Jill are around 1 year old and need to be adopted together. Jack is a social butterfly and seeks attention while Jill is more laid back. They both get along well with dogs.

For more information on adopting cuties Allykatz, visit

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America

The North Shore Animal League America is waiving all feline (cat / kitten) adoption fees for approved adopters throughout August. Adoption centers are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. No appointment necessary.

Midnight and magic

** Double Adoption ** When a fearful couple of dedicated 5-year-old Mini Panthers needed a place to land after losing the home they shared, the NSALA invited them to a quiet and safe place to relearn to trust humans. Magic (Adoption # BF1617) and her more timid brother Midnight (Adoption # BF1615) learned to let go of their apprehension and enthusiastically entered playtime with friends. Everyone is so proud of how far this sweet pair has come in such a short time, and the staff have promoted them to a more visible room in Bianca’s Furry Friends feline adoption center. While Midnight might want to spend his time in a loving embrace with Magic, Magic is ready to accept new friendships, full body massages, and delicious treats. Their ideal home is one with children 16 and older and adults who are experienced in helping fearful cats adjust to the new routines of a family home. Time, patience, love and goodies are the recipe for Magic and Midnight’s success.

Bonnie and Clyde

** Double Adoption ** If being adorable is a crime, then Bonnie (Adoption # H210322) and Clyde (Adoption # H210321) are guilty! This perfectly imperfect 4-month-old duo survived the great outdoors before being rescued locally and pampered by NSALA vets. Bonnie arrived with an infected eye (a memory of that outdoor lifestyle) that needed to be riddled. Clyde is being treated for chronic rhinitis, a condition covered by our pet health centers. These minor imperfections add to their charm, and despite all the adversity they’ve faced in the past, Bonnie and Clyde are partners in kindness. You’ll see them crawl over the shoulders of visitors to get a better look at their hopeful heroes. You will be carried away by their kitten antics and triumph over adversity. All it takes to be their superhero is head to Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center!

State Farm Jake (Adoption # BF3792) isn’t looking for perks – just a big house! This one-year-old local lifeguard has invested time with loyal friends to gain confidence in his safe new life. The magic of the crunchy treats combined with loving care has warmed this sensitive boy who is now quite the charmer who begs for long sessions of petting. Jake is looking for a quiet home (with children 12 and older) so that his confidence can continue to grow. Better take out insurance on your heart because once State Farm Jake realizes that you are his person, he will claim it as his!

In no time, one-year-old Nacho (Adoption # BF3797) has undergone many changes, but the NSALA knows the next change is worth the wait. This shy boy needs someone with gentle hands and experience to persuade shy cats to trust humans who love them. Giving him treats is how you open his heart to the possibility that you can be the right one for him. Children (ages 10 and up) will learn a lot to love someone who didn’t know they needed to be loved. Want to be Nacho’s hero? Make him part of your family today!


When Claude’s family (Adoption # R165189) moved, Animal League America moved in and gave him the opportunity for a better future! It is clear that Claude has already known love because he works diligently in the hearts of everyone he meets! This sweet four year old has lived with children, making him a great choice for families. NSALA vets have discovered a minor liver condition that is easily managed by medication (given once a day that he devours in his food.) This condition is covered by our pet health centers, which helps provide very easily to Claude the house he deserves. If you’re thinking of bringing that special someone into your family, let us introduce you to Claude today!


Lou (Adoption # BF3839) is a wonderful 5 month old tabby cat who has been rescued locally and nothing is stopping him from living his best life with his first family. Be prepared to be entertained by his zeal to discover new places. Your home will be a great new destination for him to explore. If you think you can keep up with Lou’s antics, he’s looking to make you his best friend!

Contact [email protected] to learn more about adopting the adorable NSALA adoptables!

Available for adoption at Presque Home Animal Rescue

Animals for adoption at Almost Home.

If you’re looking for a new member of the furry feline family, Almost Home has a bunch of amazing kittens to consider. Visit their website or call 631-627-3665 and come meet some awesome kittens! You will not be disappointed !

As always, thank you for reading, and remember to always adopt, never buy… pass it on!

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