Pet Paradise seeks OK for dog boarding in Trace Crossings

American Pet Resorts is seeking approval from the City of Hoover to install a Pet Paradise pet grooming and boarding facility at the corner of Stadium Trace Parkway and Brock’s Gap Parkway.

The society is requesting permission to house up to 175 dogs in a 15,000 square foot facility of administrative and kennel space on a 2 acre parcel on the corner between Brock’s Gap Parkway and Discovery United Methodist Church.

The Hoover Planning and Zoning Commission is due to consider the application on Monday, March 7.

The facility would include outdoor runs and play areas with wading pools, but no more than 75 dogs would be allowed outside at any one time, and no dogs would be allowed outside between 7 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. subject to the proposed restrictions.

Pet Paradise also offers on-site veterinary care and usually has a 24-hour on-site caretaker.

Hoover City Council approved a similarly sized Pet Paradise facility at Tattersall Park near Greystone in June last year, so it would be the second Pet Paradise in Hoover.

The city council also approved a PetSuites Resort on John Hawkins Parkway in 2018, but in this case it didn’t allow any outdoor runs or play areas because the property backs onto the houses.

Some residents of Trace Crossings have also expressed concerns about noise and questioned whether they should also seek to eliminate outdoor trails and play areas at this site. But other residents say they think dogs need a place to hang out in boarding schools.

Charlie Beavers, an attorney who represented both PetSuites and Pet Paradise, said at the Tattersall Park talks that Pet Paradise facilities typically employ around 25 people and have 13-15 staff on site during public hours. .

On typical days, Pet Paradise facilities have 20 to 40 dogs in day camp, 8 to 15 boarding dogs on weekdays and 15 to 40 boarding dogs on weekends, Beavers said then. Peak times with more dogs are during holidays, he said.

Pet Paradise facilities do not accept pregnant, aggressive or unvaccinated dogs, Beavers said.

The company has taken many steps to reduce noise from its facilities across the country, Beavers said. The facility itself is heavily soundproofed with 1 foot of foam insulation in the roof above the insulated block, he said.

Pet Paradise takes the dogs outside to play for 30 minutes three times a day, and employees keep the dogs occupied while they’re outside, which helps reduce barking, Beavers said.

Dogs are also permitted outside on individual patios outside their suites twice a day for “potty breaks” and during cleaning of their suites, but the 75-dog limit outside is subject to change. applies to all dogs, Beavers said.

James Inman, the real estate acquisition manager for Pet Paradise (based in Jacksonville, Florida), told the Hoover Planning and Zoning Commission last year that Pet Paradise had designed a sophisticated underground drainage system that will prevent 99, 9% of animal waste from entering the storm water system.

Restrictions being considered for this site would also require the dumpster to have a roof over it to prevent rainwater from entering and that the dumpster be serviced “an adequate number of times per day to prevent odours”.

The Hoover Planning and Zoning Commission has a business session scheduled for 5 p.m. Monday, followed by an action meeting with time for public comment at 5:30 p.m.

On zoning matters like this, if the zoning board recommends approval, the matter then goes to Hoover City Council for a final decision.

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