Over 5,000 lbs of dog food donated

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – The City of Meridian’s Animal Control received donations of more than 5,000 pounds of dog food last weekend.

Meridian Police Chief Deborah Young said there was an error in the ordering process that delayed the arrival of food at the shelter. Roadside Rescue Network helped the shelter by posting a message on Facebook about the food shortage. Lots of people saw it and sent big bags of dry dog ​​food to make sure the animals were fed.

“We heard their need and their call for help. We were there for him. We have our own needs from time to time. They always step in to help us, the community does. So we just want to be there when needed, as we always get help from the rest of the community,” said Derek Hicks, president of the Roadside Rescue Network.

The city council also said it was reviewing the budget to see if more funds could be directed to animal shelters.

“When we set our budget, we have money set aside for the police department, and some of the funds we have are also set aside for animal control here in Meridian, Miss. So we plan to implement that in our budget this year. to make sure they have everything they need. So we always try to work together for the betterment of good, not only for the citizens of Meridian, but also for the animals here,” Ward 2 Councilman Dwayne Davis said.

The city’s animal control said it was grateful for the community’s response and help.

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