Now you know how to save an animal: passers-by stop to help the bird with its foot stuck in the escalator

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A video of kind strangers spotting an animal in need turned into an informative episode for audience members who might be going through similar situations.

“So we heard a bird screaming in pain and found it was stuck in the escalator,” TikTok user Douglas Ong wrote in a video on Aug. 10.

“Our first instinct was to hit the STOP button on the escalator,” he noted in the captions.

“We were panicking, trying to get the bird out and figuring out what to do.”

Photo: screenshot TikTok/douglasokj

At one point, the woman who tried to free the bird had drops of blood on her finger.

Photo: screenshot TikTok/douglasokj

She appeared to have cried in the video while doing so. “I would have started crying too. I think she cried because she felt hopeless or helpless because she couldn’t help the bird break free, right? asked TikTok user @amelia, to which Mr Ong replied “yes”.

“We called animal rescue ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society), and they responded so quickly to the scene.”

Photo: screenshot TikTok/douglasokj

The video ends with Mr. Ong confirming that they managed to save the bird.

Photo: screenshot TikTok/douglasokj

“If you come across an animal that needs rescue, you know what to do now,” he noted.

Netizens praised the people who saved the little bird and asked a few more questions for reference.

TikTok user @Okay asked how to contact animal rescue in such cases, and the original poster said ACRES could be contacted directly from the call button on Google.

He added that someone from ACRES arrived within 30 minutes.

“May I ask who stops the escalator?” Need to know how to handle if such incident happens,” another TikTok user asked.

Mr Ong confirmed that they had stopped the escalator with the stop button intended for use in an emergency.

Members of the public can also call the ACRES Wildlife Rescue hotline on 97837782 for assistance./TISG


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