Minneapolis Animal Control ‘drowns in dogs’, seeks foster families, forever homes

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) is “drowning in dogs”.

That’s according to Friends of MACC, a volunteer-run page that networks animals available at MACC, who posted to Facebook on Wednesday to say “things are getting desperate,” noting that he doesn’t have the manpower. necessary to provide the level of care expected of themselves for the dogs.

“Every day more and more dogs arrive at MACC – abandoned by owners, strays, bite cases, hardship/welfare cases – and very few have left,” the Friends of MACC said, noting “With the large number of dogs in kennel areas, kennel cough is also becoming a concern.”

Bocephus, a six-month-old English Coonhound mix, is among the dogs available for <a class=adoption through MACC.” decoding=”async” src=”https://bringmethenews.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_700/MTg4NDU0NTA3NjM2NTk4NzMx/dog.jpg” height=”1424″ width=”1763″ srcset=”″ itemprop=”contentUrl url”/>

Bocephus, a six-month-old English Coonhound mix, is among the dogs available for adoption through MACC.

The message says MACC has contacted the rescue organizations it partners with to let them know the canine population in the building is “nearing a breaking point”, but says rescue groups are desperately looking for families. foster and that they cannot transfer a MACC dog unless there is a reliable foster parent waiting.

Friends of MACC encourage anyone capable of fostering a dog to apply to one “or more” of MACC’s rescue partners here.

But that’s not all MACC is doing to help find forever homes for dogs. Earlier this month, Friends of MACC said it was waiving adoption fees for all animals over six months old to “help get the many waiting adult animals out of the shelter and into a home.” “.

You can find dogs ready for adoption here. And here is a link to the dogs that need to be rescued.

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