Intrepid veterans will paddle across the Atlantic Ocean for charity


Four veterans from different branches of the military – who call themselves “Foar from Home” – paddle across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness about PTSD and the endemic veteran suicide. And, they need your help.

US Army Veteran Billy Cimino, US Army Veteran Cameron Hansen, US Navy Veteran AM “Hupp” Huppmann and US Marine Corps Veteran Paul Lore will travel 4769 kilometers to across the Atlantic, from the Canary Islands in the Caribbean Sea to Antigua.

The Talister Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, a premier ocean rowing event, begins in early December with 30 to 40 rowing teams from around the world. Men will battle sleep deprivation, hunger, and even hallucinations as they row in the choppy Atlantic Ocean.

Raising awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic is a key motivation for “Foar from Home”.

“It’s an international race with 36 boats, each racing for their own cause,” said Lore. Lore’s team isn’t there for the running aspect, instead they just hope to raise enough money for the causes they support.

The men have chosen to donate to the Cross the Line Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports Veterans from all branches of the service by raising awareness of issues and causes related to Veterans. They also support K9 for Warriors, the nation’s largest provider of assistance dogs for veterans. K9s for Warriors obtains highly trained service dogs for veterinarians who suffer from issues such as PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or military sexual trauma. The majority of dogs come from animal shelters with high mortality.

Members of the “Foar from Home” team with “K9s for Warriors” assistance dog fundraisers.

Lore and her team have already written a check for $ 50,000 to the Cross the Line Foundation to help build a scholarship endowment.

“Another $ 50,000 was used as a down payment to help build a kennel to support the training of 64 service dogs,” Lore said. “The building of the kennel will require $ 500,000 and we have already raised over $ 600,000, but we still have a way to go. “

United States Marine Corps Veteran Paul Lore of “Foar Away from Home”.

Lore explained that the operating costs are close to $ 200,000 to get his team to the Canary Islands and return to Antigua on the boat. “It’s pretty amazing, four regular guys have already made this amazing effort, raising half a million dollars,” he added.

Lore was grateful for the community’s support for the causes, saying her team was not run by any big company (not that they wouldn’t take an offer!), But instead focused on the community with the help. mom and dad shops in the region.

They even moved beyond Florida to Atlanta and Charlotte to raise funds.

“We did everything from biking in Jacksonville to cooking with bourbon and bacon to dog shows,” Lore said.

Right now, the team has 2,200 of the remaining 3,000 miles for sponsorship at $ 100 per mile. If they can get all of the sponsored miles, the kennel becomes what Lore called a “no-brainer.” “It would really solidify it for us,” he added.

The team’s boat is being shipped to the Canary Islands. They fly out this Friday and on December 12 they will leave the wharf and, 40 to 50 days later, will find themselves in Antigua.

The “Foar from Home” team has a strong presence on social networks and is active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are interested in donating, you can do so here:


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