How to fund medical care for pets

Personal loans

Personal loans are a great way to pay for your pet’s care and will likely be cheaper than the standard credit card rate.

Here are some advantages of personal loans:

  • You can get a personal loan in the amount of $ 1,000 to $ 50,000 and more.
  • With some lenders, you can receive the money the same day you are approved.
  • You will repay it within a set time frame, with set monthly payments.
  • Personal loans generally have a lower interest rate than credit cards.

You do not have to specifically research a personal loan marketed for veterinary care expenses, although such loans do exist. Personal lenders don’t care what the borrowed funds are used for after your loan is approved. So, you can apply from any personal loan lender and get the money you need to provide care.

Credit card

Most veterinary surgeries accept credit cards, so you can charge for your pet’s care if you can’t pay for it directly. But credit cards often have very high interest rates – unless you qualify for a card with a special promotional 0% APR.

If you can qualify for a 0% APR rate credit card and can pay off the card before the promotional rate expires, it can be a very affordable way to pay for your pet’s care.

But if you can’t qualify for a 0% rate, or if you can’t pay off the card before your rate expires, you should usually consider a personal loan instead.

Care Credit

Care Credit is a credit card specifically intended to pay for health care, including medical services for animals. Over 200,000 locations nationwide accept CareCredit, but check with your veterinarian of choice to see if they are a participating provider.

While CareCredit’s standard APR is high at 26.99%, it offers some much more affordable financing options. You may be eligible for a deferred interest plan if you pay $ 200 or more for the care of your pet. With a deferred interest plan, interest starts accruing from day one, but you don’t charge any interest if you pay off the balance during the promotional period, which typically lasts 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

CareCredit also offers other low-interest options for longer-term loans when you borrow larger amounts. If you borrow $ 1,000 or more, you may qualify for a 24, 36, 48, or 60 month loan at 14.9% APR. Or if you’re borrowing $ 2,500 or more, you may qualify for a loan with a 60-month payment plan at 16.9% APR.

If your vet is a participating vet, you can often request a CareCredit directly at the vet’s office. Just make sure this is the most affordable source of financing for you. And be aware that if you take a loan with deferred interest, you could owe a fortune in interest if you don’t pay back what you have borrowed on time.

Pet insurance

If you have a pet insurance policy and purchase insurance to cover your pet’s care, this is ideal. Unfortunately, you will need to have a pet insurance plan in place. before your pet gets sick. Pet insurers can exclude and exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. So if your pet is already in need of medical attention, you will not be able to purchase a policy and be covered once the need arises.

If you buy pet insurance, make sure you know how your policy works. Find out if there are any limits on what the insurer will spend per condition or over the lifetime of your pet. Also, be sure to see if you’ll need to prepay and get reimbursed for the bills afterwards. Many pet insurance policies are structured this way, but it can be difficult to find thousands of dollars in cash to pay for treatment up front, even though you will eventually be reimbursed by your insurer.

What is the right approach to paying for your pet’s medical care?

Ultimately, every pet owner must determine which financing approach is best based on the costs of care and the options available. If you don’t have pet insurance and want an affordable source of financing with a fixed repayment schedule, a personal loan can be a great approach to cover your pet’s expenses and get your pet back. company on the road to good health.

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