‘Hero’ dog who helped convict two men of murder wins extraordinary award

Springer spaniel Simba is one of five life-changing dogs named finalists for the Crufts Hero Awards, after helping bring murderers to justice following a deadly fire in London

Springer Spaniel Simba assists handler Anton Keach in life-saving fire investigations

A heroic dog who helped bring two murderers to justice has been named a finalist for the 2022 Crufts Hero Awards.

Fire investigation dog Simba is a crucial member of the London Fire Brigade and assists his handler, Anton Keach, in Hertfordshire.

The five-year-old Springer Spaniel can detect a variety of flammable substances very quickly and help determine if a fire was started deliberately, ensuring justice for victims of horrific arson attacks.

Last year, Simba helped convict two men of murder after they found accelerators that had been used in a fatal fire.

He pointed to several spots where an accelerator was found and his work at the scene helped solve the police investigation and put the two men behind bars.

Anton said: “Simba is a hero to us and an integral part of the London Fire Team.”

Brave Simba has been nominated for his crucial work with the London Fire Brigade


The Kennel Club / Eleanor Riley)

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Simba also provides great therapy for his two-legged colleagues, bringing them smiles even after the toughest days.

Simba’s incredible work saw him nominated for the 2022 Kennel Club Hero Dog Award, alongside four other outstanding dogs.

Golden retriever Milo is a special guide dog who gave his life and family back to a former dairy farmer.

Rescue dog Chewie was found abandoned and tied up with his litter, and went on to save his owner’s life and help other animals in need.

Newfoundland, Storm, Sonar, Bob and Walker, are recognized for their unique hydrotherapy for suicide prevention and frontline emergency services.

And finally, the golden retriever Ruby brings love and support to a young girl with cerebral palsy, helping her daily with pain, anxiety and stress.

The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award winner will receive £5,000 for the dog charity of their choice, with other runners-up receiving a £1,000 donation to the dog charity of their choice.

The Hero Dog will be unveiled on Sunday, March 13 in the Resorts World Arena at Crufts.

The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award winner will receive £5,000 from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust for the dog charity of their choice, with other runners-up receiving a £1,000 donation to the dog charity of their choice.

Sally Phillips, the 2022 Kennel Club Hero Dog Award ambassador, said: “I wish we could all ‘be more dog’ – my dogs are way more heroic than me, except around fireworks and the food!

“Dogs have a remarkable impact on our lives, from the smallest things, like welcoming us home after a hard day, to helping us through grief, illness and heartbreak – all the hardest times.

“The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award is a truly inspiring celebration of man’s best friend and all he does for us.

“There were hundreds of incredible nominees, with this year’s five finalists each recognized for their extraordinary feats and the difference they make.

“We encourage people to vote for their favorite hero dog to show their support for these amazing four-legged friends and celebrate their bravery, loyalty and friendship.”

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