NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GUNNER, a leading manufacturer of American-made dog products, today announced the release of a special collection inspired by Anahuac At the South-East Texas and its waterfowl habitat.

The collection – which includes the brand’s 5-star Crash Tested dog kennel and a waterproof pet food storage system – pays homage to the rich history and unique experience the region offers the lane central migration.

Limited-edition products draw inspiration from the ever-distant universe Texas the inland marshes of coastal wetlands that cast a deep, captivating blue, and the blue-winged teal that traverse this corridor of habitat in such numbers that they deserve a special warm season.

This is the third release in GUNNER’s Flyway series, which features limited-edition colors that take inspiration from iconic destinations and honey holes in all four North American flyways.

Known as “Land by the Water”, from Anahuac wetlands and thick fog provide an area that has a rich history and no shortage of stories of those who have pursued blue-winged teal, marbled duck, mallards, snow geese and other migratory birds in this place.

The limited edition collection is available for purchase at at August 18, and some quantities are available. A part of Anahuac– Proceeds from publishing proceeds will be donated to the Texas chapter of Ducks Unlimited.

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About Gunner:

Situated at Nashville, TN, GUNNER® is an American brand that manufactures industry-leading dog products to give dogs the life they deserve. Designed for safe travel, the GUNNER G1™ kennel is the original 5-star crash-tested dog crate and the only double-wall rotomolded kennel on the market. Whether hunting, on the trail or just at home, GUNNER believes that man’s best friend deserves man’s best kennel®. For more information on GUNNER’s history and products, visit


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