Guilford County Animal Shelter Program hits the road this summer

Along with the opening of a new animal shelter, the Guilford County Department of Animal Services has expanded its services that help pet owners care for their pets.

To this end, the department has established a new “Mobile Pet Assistance Center” – now simply known as “MPAC”.

As part of the program, animal services staff, along with volunteers, travel weekly to different locations around the county and set up a mobile animal services mini-tent. There, the team offers free pet microchipping vouchers, free rabies vaccinations, and assistance with free pet food.

The MPAC team also distributes free pet supplies such as leashes, food bowls, collars, beds, blankets and bowls.

Those interested can follow Guilford County Animal Services on Facebook and other social media platforms to find out where the Mobile Pet Help Center will appear next.

Lisa Lee, assistant director of Guilford County Animal Services, said the MPAC program allows the department to reach out and help more people — and it, she said, also increases community awareness of the programs available. She added that it helps the department share the large number of donated items it receives from companies such as Chewy, as well as members of the public.

On Saturday morning July 9, the service was held at the McLeansville Fire Department on Frieden Church Road in McLeansville. Many pet owners have appreciated the services offered, especially with a $0 price tag at a time when food and gas prices are extremely high.

Many of these county programs have operated in the past from a building at 710 Huffine Mill Road in Greensboro, with residents traveling there for services. However, according to Guilford County Animal Services staff, as news of the deals spread, phone calls to the department “exploded.”

Many pet owners across Guilford County wanted the same kind of help, and a trip to Greensboro wasn’t always easy.

The MPAC team plans to visit “every corner of the county” over the next few months to places like recreation centers, fire stations, parks and popular shopping malls.

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