Finding the perfect home for a dog that has been in a shelter for two years

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – In today’s Leigh’s Lost and Found, we search for the perfect home for a dog who has spent too long living in a shelter.

His name is Big Boy and he’s just a big love, but his house has to meet certain criteria.

“Big boy came to us in 2020, just before Covid hit.”

It’s been two years since Big Boy came to the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri from animal control.

Marketing Director Katie Newcomb says, “When he’s here, he’s been here for months at a time. »

Newcomb says Big Boy was adopted several times, but each time he was sent away.

“He really needs to find a forever home that heeds what we tell them, what we learn about him.”

More importantly, a family will need to meet their high energy needs and let Big Boy be the only pet in the house.

Katie tells us, “When he’s here he likes to zoom around and have a good time and honestly a lot of that comes from the stress of being in the kennel. So if we can get him into a home where he feels safe, comfortable, and loved, he’ll come out a lot and he’ll show his true colors, which is just a big jester and love.

This love extends to children as well, but due to her energetic personality, kids 12 and up are best.

“If there is an adventurous, sporty family that likes to hike, I think it would be perfect.”

The big boy is a shelter favorite, so to see him being overlooked and fired really hurts

Katie says, “It really weighs on her mentally and physically. He starts to lose weight, he gets really stressed.

And if they will be sad to see him go, they are ready to say goodbye to this big adorable guy.

“That’s why we’re here, to get them into these homes, so that’s the end goal.”

If you want to meet Big Boy or find out more about him, click on the Human Society link below.

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