Dog that has spent most of its life in an abandoned kennel on adoption day

Cody had spent months meeting his new adopters and getting to know them – but he was disappointed the day he was due to return home and now has to start his search all over again.

Cody started his search for a new home again

A terrier who was eagerly waiting to go to his new home was abandoned on his adoption day due to a change in circumstances.

Cody, who is almost two years old, has spent a total of 15 months in RSPCA care – almost his entire life – patiently waiting to find his forever home.

He was transferred to Martlesham Animal Center nine months ago and the team have been working hard with him to prepare him for a new home.

Staff at the center – run by the RSPCA Suffolk Central branch – were delighted when their most senior resident was booked.

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He spent most of his life in kennels



He is currently staying at the Martlesham Animal Center



Kennel Supervisor Sarah Welham said: “Cody’s adopters have spent months visiting us regularly to get to know him and bond with him so he is ready for his new beginning.

“So we were completely disgusted when Cody’s adoption failed on the day he was due to be picked up.

“While we were devastated that he fell apart at the last minute, it gave Cody and us great opportunities to meet new people and it was great to see how he got on. suited for meetings and gave us great insight to start looking for another home for him.

“Now Cody’s hunt for a new home begins again.”

Cody has challenging behaviors, so he is looking for experienced owners who can commit to ongoing reward-based training.

He can be reactive to unfamiliar people, dogs, and some vehicles, but has responded well to his training.

He needs to live in a quiet house



Sarah added: “Cody is a fabulous little dog and he will thrive in the right home.

“He finds strangers scary, but once he gets to know you his true ugly side comes out! He’s super affectionate and really playful.

“He loves his toys and will often greet you with one in his mouth, while his whole body jiggles with excitement!

“He’s incredibly smart and learns new things very quickly, so he’d like to keep training in a fun way in his new home.”

Cody will need to be muzzled and kept in mind while on the move, but the team has worked hard to get him used to it.

He would like a rural, quiet home in a sparsely populated area where he can enjoy secluded walks away from busy paths and roads.

To find out more about sweet Cody, please visit his online profile or contact the team on [email protected] or 0300 999 7321.

The RSPCA Suffolk Central branch is an independent charity that depends on donations. To help the team rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more animals, like Cody, please donate online:

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