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Cheyenne Animal Shelter

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter is proud to announce that it has received a grant from Maddie’s Fund, an organization dedicated to providing the animal welfare industry with a national voice, significant funding opportunities for bold ideas, learning resources and access to collaborate and share innovative solutions. .

The grant is for comprehensive shelter consultation, which provides expertise and recommendations in the areas of facility design, welcoming policies, housing/enrichment, population management, community cat programs, public policy and enforcement programs, budgeting, employee and volunteer management, access to targeted neutering and subsidized veterinary care, and physical and behavioral well-being.

“At Cheyenne Animal Shelter, we envision a future where our organization is considered one of the best in the region,” said CEO Britney Tennant. “This visit, and the resulting recommendations, comes at an ideal time as the shelter is going through a period of tremendous growth and change. We look forward to aligning our work with community needs and evolving industry best practices, this opportunity will be a catalyst for these goals.

During the three-day comprehensive consultation and assessment, nationally recognized experts in shelter operations will be on hand to assess day-to-day practices, meet with key stakeholders, and assess the impact of current public policy governing some of the shelter’s partnerships and operations. Following the consultation, a written report will be provided to shelter management and the board, helping to set goals and objectives for better alignment in the future.

As part of the three-day tour, members of the public are invited to attend a Shelter Open House and Public Forum on Wednesday, June 29 at 6 p.m. at the Shelter, located at 800 Southwest Drive. Meanwhile, guests will hear from the Maddie’s Million Pet Challenge team about best practices in animal welfare and how we can all collectively help more people and pets indoors and outdoors. outside the shelter.

Everyone is welcome to this free event – so whether you’re an animal lover, volunteer, elected official, member of the media, or just want to learn more about setting up welfare systems animal in our community, join us!

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