Cats Protection Adoption Center in Cornwall is appealing for Smokey

CAT carers are asking for help with veterinary costs after a gray tabby cat had to have both eyes removed due to untreated eye problems.

Ten-year-old Smokey was taken in at the Cats Protection adoption center in Cornwall, where a veterinary examination revealed glaucoma and cataracts which had progressed too far to be treated. Removal of both eyes was chosen as the most appropriate treatment, to relieve any existing pain and prevent Smokey from suffering in the future.

The Carnon Downs center is appealing for help to cover the costs of the operation and accompanying blood tests, which have so far exceeded £500. The operation and tests will ensure that he is in better health before finding him a new home.

Adoption center manager Libby Jepson said: ‘Smokey arrived with us in early March and it was immediately clear there was a problem with both of his eyes.

“He saw our vet and was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and glaucoma, which resulted in blindness in his right eye and severe limited vision in his left eye. Both conditions were unfortunately untreatable at this stage.

“The pressure created by glaucoma was likely to cause Smokey significant pain and discomfort and so having both eyes removed was the best choice for his continued well-being.

“In addition to the eye removal operation, Smokey underwent blood tests to check him for feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia as well as a blood pressure check and a complete blood profile before the surgery to check the condition of his vital organs and to make sure he was healthy enough to undergo the surgery Smokey will continue to be seen regularly by our vet during his recovery to ensure he is healthy. comfortable and that his wounds are healing well.

Donations for Smokey’s care can be made at

Libby added: ‘We are extremely grateful to our kind supporters who really stood up for handsome Smokey and raised the money we needed for the early stages of his veterinary treatment.

“We would like to thank everyone who has donated so far and a number of people have asked if they could still donate. We are therefore leaving the call open in the hope that we can cover the full cost and of course anything we are lucky enough to raise above will go to the many other cats at the center.

Smokey before his eye surgery Image: Cats Protection

Smokey’s operation went well and it will take him several weeks to heal, after which the center will look for a new home for him.

Libby said: ‘At Cats Protection we advise blind cats to live in an indoors only house for their safety, and we are sure Smokey will adapt extremely well to this. He is one of the friendliest cats you will meet!

“He is loving, affectionate and comes straight out of his cabin to greet us as soon as he hears us approach. He is extremely gentle with his interactions and extends his paw to help locate you before touching you gently to confirm that you are there.

“Smokey thoroughly enjoys any fuss and attention and purrs adorably, rolls and kneads happily with his paws. He will make the most wonderful companion cat, so we are thrilled to be able to give him the opportunity for a pain free new life.

Once Smokey recovers from his operation, like all cats in the care of Cats Protection, he will also receive a full set of vaccinations, receive up-to-date flea and worm treatments and be microchipped, before moving into his home. new house.

For details of the Cornwall Adoption Center and other catered cats visit or follow center updates at

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