Breaking the Chains: An organization dedicated to saving animals in war-torn Ukraine needs your help!

As the war in Ukraine continues, many organizations and volunteers come into the crossfire to rescue abandoned animals. A British Army veteran has started an organization to help animals, who are often forgotten at times like these.

Source: FOX 2 Detroit/Youtube

Breaking the Chains is an organization started by Tom, a 34-year-old ex-serviceman, animal lover, from Yorkshire. Tom started the organization because when war broke out, he realized he couldn’t sit back and do nothing. Tom then mobilized a team of ex-soldiers ready to go to the red zones in Ukraine to save animals and bring help to people who need it most.

“Breaking the chains was founded for the sole purpose of providing free multimedia content to rescues and shelters around the world. The animals of our world have no voice, which is why it is imperative that those who speak for them in the fight for their protection are heard both clearly and loudly. according to the organization’s website.

Tom and his team have saved so many animals in the war-torn country. Animals in shelters and animals on the street, Tom and his team do it all. They provided and delivered food and medical supplies to animals in need.

Tom and his team work tirelessly on rescue missions. They get calls and messages all day about animals in shelters and on the streets in need. Now their biggest concern is food and how to feed hungry animals across the country.

They need your help. The team raises funds to continue its efforts in Ukraine. Donations will go towards equipment for their missions, fuel for vehicles, equipment to save animals, medical aid and food.

To donate to their cause, check out Crowdfunding or WarPaws to help animals that have already been rescued and are now in need of care. Or donate to their PayPal at [email protected] While you’re at it, sign this petition to support Ukraine and learn 10 ways to help people and animals in Ukraine!

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