American Pit Bull mix finds its forever home after 10 years in an animal shelter

An adorable and full of smiles American Pit Bull mix named Jill has finally found her forever home after 10 long years in a Texas animal shelter.

Beautiful little Jill was found wandering in a rural area and brought in for treatment when she was just one year old. She was treated for heartworms and that’s when she found herself spending the next decade waiting to be adopted.

Clay County Animal Shelter Adoption Manager Bonnie Stone told the homepage of Texoma, a local news website, “We have already submitted several requests to Jill, but because ‘She is [a] pit, many owners would not allow them to have it.

Stone said of the dogs at her shelter, “Even when we take them in, we grow up with them and they’re part of the family now.”

Workers at the Murder Free Shelter in Henrietta, Texas, where Jill spent all those years, said that while they struggled to find her a forever home, the shelter became her home during those years, and they said the workers have become his family.

Beautiful Jill with her new mom and a cute hat.  (

Finally, a woman named Keelie Blassingame, who started looking for an older dog to adopt, found Jill and said she fell in love. Blassingame said she wanted to show people that adopting senior dogs is very rewarding.

Blassingame told Texoma’s homepage: “All the other dogs were very nice. I just feel like she naturally gravitates towards me. I just knew that most of the time older dogs don’t get adopted very often, so that was one of the main reasons I wanted to adopt an older dog.

Adopting an animal from a shelter helps organizations give homes to animals that need it most. The Animal Humane Society’s 2021 report says the average length of stay for animals in a shelter was 10 days. 51% of these animals cared for by shelters monitored by the Animal Humane Society were abandoned by owners. 21.4% of the animals taken in by these shelters were strays.

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