American Kennel Club welcomes passage of New York’s new law prohibiting homeowner insurance discrimination


NEW YORK, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The American Kennel Club (AKC®), the world’s largest purebred dog registry and advocate for all dogs, is pleased to express its strong support and appreciation for the adoption of the New York State Law, entered into force January 2022, which will prohibit racial discrimination in home insurance.

At saturday 30 october, new York Governor Kathy hochul signed Senate Bill 4254 (now Chapter 545), which states: “With respect to home insurance policies … no insurer shall refuse to issue or renew, cancel, charge or ‘impose a premium or increased rate… only on the basis of housing or owning a dog of a specific breed or a mixture of breeds. “

Insurance companies can cancel, increase rates, or refuse to issue policies if a dog is declared unsafe as defined in New York State In law, as long as the action is based on “sound pricing and actuarial principles” and the action is reasonably related to an actual or anticipated loss. However, the action cannot be based on the breed of the dog.

Over the past 10 years, the AKC has advocated for legislation to new York on this issue which will protect responsible dog owners from situations where they are unable to obtain or afford home insurance simply because of the breed of dog they own.

New York State the law already expressly prohibits municipalities from passing laws that target specific breeds of dogs. The new law (formerly A. 4075 and S. 4254) extends these protections to owners who are responsible dog owners, while holding all dog owners accountable, regardless of what breed they choose to own.

“The AKC is grateful to the Governor of New York Kathy hochul as well as the senator Michel Gianaris and member of the Assembly Deborah Glick for sponsoring this law, which will prohibit racial discrimination in homeowner’s insurance, ”said AKC President and CEO, Dennis sprung. “Thanks to this new legislation, effective January 2022, new York Dog owners will be protected from higher rates or denial of home insurance based on the breed of dog they own. “

AKC also thanks the new York dog owners who have taken the time to contact their lawmakers and the governor in support of this issue. This bill will come into force 90 days from the date of signature.

For more information, visit the AKC Government Relations Legislative Action Center on Breed Specific Legislation.

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