AI program finds adoptable dogs based on children’s doodles

If your kids dream of adding a furry friend to the family, they’ve probably picked up a pencil or crayon on paper to sketch out their vision of the perfect pet. Now, a nifty new program will help them find their perfect pet — while helping a shelter dog find his forever home — based on their sketch.

With approximately 3.1 million dogs entering shelters each year in the United States, Pedigree’s new Rescue Doodles program gives kids the chance to find their perfect dog by simply drawing what they want it to look like. The program uses artificial intelligence technology to match a child’s drawing with a similar-looking adoptable dog nearby.


How to try it

To match a doodle with an adoptable dog, simply take a picture of your child’s drawing and text it, with the word “Doodle,” to 717-670-6675 through April 30. You will receive an SMS with a dog available to adopt near you.

“Every dog ​​deserves a loving home, and Rescue Doodles is the latest in a long line of Pedigree brand initiatives promoting adoption,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Mars Petcare North America. , in a press release. “This program is unique because it takes a simple, everyday activity for kids – doodling – and turns it into a fun way to add a new member to the family.”


While Rescue Doodles are a fun starting point for adding a dog to the family, Pedigree reminds potential adoptees that there are many factors to consider when adding a dog to your family, including how life, activity level, other pets and children. Families should schedule a meeting with local shelters and potential Rescue Doodle matches to ensure this particular pup is a good fit for their situation before proceeding with adoption.

The program is powered by, which connects people with adoptable pets from more than 19,000 animal shelters and rescues nationwide. If you don’t find a match with Rescue Doodles, Adopt-a-Pet limits your search to nearby dogs based on age or breed, including purebred dogs and puppies in need of homes. .

You can learn more about adoption a dog with pedigree Adoption Guide or check out this comprehensive guide to adopting a pet from PetFinder.

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