Abandoned dog, leashed to a post outside the adoption centre, staff say

According to Brevard SPCA staff, a man was filmed leading a dog to an adoption center before turning around and leashing it to a post.

The dog tries to follow him, but the man keeps walking and then leaves.

Staff members say they are lucky to be within meters of their desks as it could have caused a dangerous situation.

“They might have behavioral issues or even just be scared,” said Susan Naylor, the shelter‘s associate director. “A frightened dog or cat might act in ways they normally wouldn’t, and I’m sure they probably do.”


The Brevard SPCA says the dog, now named Bailey, nearly bit staff members, and they were concerned it could happen to someone else passing by.

“It’s technically against the law, but it’s also dangerous,” Naylor said.

Bailey doesn’t seem dangerous at all now.

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Staff members have been working to calm him down and plan to have the senior beagle checked by a vet shortly before he can be adopted.

The shelter says this stuff happens several times a year and wants to remind people that there is a better way to return an animal.

“We’re a non-judgmental place,” Naylor said. “If you have to give up your pet or need help because you can’t afford their medical care, we’ll work with just about anyone.”

The SPCA says they did not report the incident to police because they could not clearly see the man’s license plate.

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