9-year-old girl opens barkery for dog treats to raise funds for local animal shelter

Caroline Wetherington, a 9-year-old girl in Chesapeake, Va., Opened “Caroline’s Barkery,” a bakery selling dog toys and treats to raise money for a local animal shelter.

“I make homemade dog treats and toys and donate all the money I collect to the SPCA (Virginia Beach),” she wrote in a recent Instagram post. “Last year I raised $ 946. My goal this year is to raise $ 1,000!

Caroline’s Barkery sells large bags of its dog treats for $ 10 and small half-size bags for $ 5. She also sells rope tug toys for $ 10 each.

Her mother, Missy Wetherington, told WAVY that the project is run entirely by her young daughter, although she helps with the cleanup.

“She has been passionate about animals most of her life,” said Missy. “Now she can help use this fundraiser to fuel her passion.”

The young pastry chef would have a dedicated clientele to help her achieve her goal, the outlet reported.

In 2019, the Virginia Beach SPCA had operating expenses of approximately $ 4.7 million. The shelter mainly derives its money from active fundraising and veterinary clinic fees.

A 9-year-old girl opened a barkery selling dog treats to raise money for the Virginia Beach SPCA, a local animal shelter. In this photo illustration, a young girl whips a bowl full of flour while her German Shepherd eats from a bowl next to her.
Switlana Symonenko / Getty

Most animal shelters in the United States are not actually funded by taxpayer dollars. Rather, they primarily make money from donations, adoptions, fundraising events, and grants, according to the Pet MD website. Most local animal shelters cost around $ 5 million a year to operate, the site added.

Over the past year, the Virginia Beach SPCA has helped adopt 1,012 dogs, 1,041 cats and 251 other types of animals. It has also helped provide 20,464 pet vaccines, 3,581 vet appointments, and 6,193 spay and neuter operations, to help reduce stray animal populations. It had 346 active volunteers who donated $ 129,720 of volunteer hours.

Social media has helped shelters reach more people about the work they do for animals in the community, Maryann Regan, director of shelter operations at the Animal Rescue League of Boston, told the aforementioned website.

“The more people know and can see the work their donations support,” she said, “the more likely they are to give.”

Caroline’s Barkery is just the latest money-making innovative idea for a local hideaway. During the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021, the New Hampshire Dog Walking Club hosted its first annual “Dog Olympics”.

At 25 different partner organization sites, the fundraiser organized bubble-catching, dock diving, toy jumping and other events to test the dogs’ physical and mental skills.

News week contacted the Virginia Beach SPCA for comment.

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