30 dead and decomposing animals found at South Carolina ‘Rescue’

Another “no-kill” animal rescue on display: The CEO of a self-proclaimed animal ‘rescue’ has been arrested after investigators allegedly discovered 30 dead and decomposing dogs and cats at his home in South Carolina.

After responding to a tip from a caller who alerted officials to a “smell of death“from the residence, deputies would have discovered”one of the worst cases of animal crueltywho the Richland County Sheriff said he had never met.

Many animal bodies appeared to have been decomposing for several months, and it appeared that the animals had been locked in cages without food or water until they starve or die of dehydration. Areas inside the house would also have been covered in feces and urine.

Officials charged the abuser – who apparently hoarded and neglected animals while doing business as the Global Rescue Welfare League – with 30 counts of animal cruelty.

“No Kill” does not mean there is no death

“No kill” often means denying animals a dignified and painless death – and as PETA has exposed, animals that end up in one of the countless unregulated “rescue without killing” can suffer a far worse fate than animals. animals that receive a peaceful and dignified life. end up with euthanasia.

A ‘rescue’ in Florida hoarded cats and starved them to death, a ‘no kill animal rescue‘ in Iowa let starving dogs eat their own trash, and another self-proclaimed ‘rescue’ group in Arizona also refused food to the animals in its custody. Authorities found dead animals strewn throughout the property. Some survivors barely clung to life and had apparently resorted to cannibalizing the bodies of the dead.

Here’s how you can help dogs and cats

Never take claims of “animal rescue without killing” at face value. Most of these groups aren’t regulated or inspected, and the “rescues” you donate to or follow on social media claiming to “save animals” can hoard, abuse, and neglect them, even for death.

Call on your elected officials and demand that self-proclaimed ‘rescues’ be regulated, regularly inspected and shut down when they breach standards of care – hopefully, before animals suffer and die agonizingly.

Tell others about dangerous “no-kill” policies that slowly kill animals, demand open admissions policies (accepting all animals, including those that may require euthanasia) at your community’s animal shelter, and share PETA’s urgent call for shelters to do good in animals:

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